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Macon Riddle Macon Riddle

You've discovered Let's Go Antiquing!
One of New Orleans' many hidden treasures.

Macon Riddle, in the 1980's, turned her passion for history, antiques and the decorative arts into a consulting business, Let's Go Antiquing! Over the years as life styles for many have changed and the appreciation of modernism has evolved, Macon does as much shopping as antiquing. She says, "the beauty is in the mix."

New Orleans is a maze of shops and galleries. It is ever changing and not for the faint-hearted! Knowing of new shipments, art openings and new favorites on the market are all Macon's job.

Her advance work done, Riddle plunges in, guiding individuals through the labyrinth of shops. "The response has been continuous over the years. We get referrals from people who have been here," she says.

Clients have streamed in from well beyond the deep South. Whether one is looking for a specific piece or wants an overview of the riches here, time is saved and" a good time passed by all!"

Most opt for a half day or full day of exploration. Designers often need more time. Riddle usually works with one or two at a time, but she doesn't hesitate to take a mini bus on Magazine Street. "They are happy to let someone else take care of the parking.

Let's Go Antiquing has been featured in many major publications, including Fodor's Guide, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Southern Accents and House and Garden.